How To Get Rid of Clothes Moths

Published on 5/17/2024

How You Can Get Rid of Clothes Moths for Good

Clothes moths can cause significant damage to your wardrobe, chewing holes through your favorite fabrics. If you've noticed these pests in your home, it's essential to act quickly to eliminate them and prevent future infestations. This guide will provide you with effective strategies to get rid of clothes moths for good, while highlighting the benefits of using Lancaster Storage's self storage facility.

Identifying Clothes Moths

Before you can tackle the problem, you need to identify if clothes moths are the culprit. There are two common types of clothes moths: the webbing clothes moth (Tineola bisselliella) and the casemaking clothes moth (Tinea pellionella). Here’s how to recognize them:

Webbing Clothes Moth: Small, golden-colored moths about 1/2 inch long. They avoid light and are often found in dark, undisturbed areas.
Casemaking Clothes Moth: Slightly smaller than the webbing moth, with brownish wings and dark spots. They create small, silken cases to hide in.
Look for signs such as holes in clothing, larvae (small, white caterpillars), and silken webs in the corners of drawers and closets.

Eliminating Clothes Moths
Once you've confirmed the presence of clothes moths, follow these steps to eliminate them:

1. Clean Affected Areas

Start by thoroughly cleaning the areas where you've found moths or larvae. This includes:

Vacuuming: Use a vacuum to clean carpets, rugs, and upholstery. Pay special attention to corners, edges, and beneath furniture.
Washing: Wash all infested clothing and fabrics in hot water. Dry cleaning is also effective for items that can't be washed at home.
Freezing: Place infested items in a plastic bag and freeze them for 72 hours to kill larvae and eggs.

2. Use Moth Traps

Moth traps can help catch adult moths and monitor the extent of the infestation. Place traps in closets and storage areas where moths are likely to be active.

3. Apply Insecticides

If the infestation is severe, consider using an insecticide specifically designed for clothes moths. Follow the instructions carefully and apply the product to areas where moths are likely to hide, such as baseboards and crevices.

Preventing Future Infestations

To ensure clothes moths don't return, implement these preventive measures:

1. Store Clothes Properly

Clean Clothes: Always clean clothes before storing them, as moths are attracted to dirt and sweat.
Sealed Containers: Store off-season clothing in airtight containers or vacuum-sealed bags.
Cedar and Lavender: Use cedar blocks or lavender sachets in your closets and drawers. These natural repellents can help keep moths away.

2. Regular Cleaning

Maintain a regular cleaning schedule to keep moths at bay. This includes:

Vacuuming: Regularly vacuum carpets, rugs, and upholstery.
Dusting: Dust and wipe down surfaces, especially in closets and storage areas.

3. Utilize Self Storage

One of the most effective ways to protect your clothes from moths is by using a self storage facility like Lancaster Storage. Here’s how Lancaster Storage can help:

Climate-Controlled Units: Lancaster Storage offers climate-controlled units that maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels, making it difficult for moths to survive.
Secure Environment: The facility provides a secure environment, reducing the risk of pest infestations.
Convenient Access: Easy access to your stored items allows for regular inspections and maintenance.
Consult a Professional
If your moth problem persists despite your best efforts, it may be time to consult a professional pest control service. They can provide more intensive treatments and advice on preventing future infestations.

By following these steps, you can effectively eliminate clothes moths from your home and prevent them from returning. For added protection, consider using Lancaster Storage's self storage facility to store your seasonal clothing and valuables. For more tips on home pest control, check out our related articles on Lancaster Storage home page, storage services, and storage tips.

Don't let clothes moths ruin your favorite garments. Rent a unit at Lancaster Storage today and keep your wardrobe safe and moth-free!